Thursday, 15 October 2009

The comical wedding

Wow, one of the nights recently, I dreamt that I got married. But then it was kinda weird and comical.

It was supposed to be someone else's wedding I was attending and I had my family in tow. We were in a classy hotel, but not many people yet. Then someone appeared and told me to go get dressed, as I was the one getting married! In the dream, I was not flustered and was actually rather calm, thinking, ok I need to go up to the room to change. But even then, I was thinking "aargghh, why nobody told me it's my own wedding?!!".

Then just like a genie *poof!* and I was in the hotel room, with my sis who was supposed to be helping me. I changed into a beige gown which appeared out of nowhere. The length of the gown did not even reach to cover my feet (which means it was very short!). And the weird thing was I had on a 3/4 pants inside the gown as well. Haha!

Then I had to apply make up. In the dream I was thinking, why there was no one helping me with make up! I just simply put some powder on my face, no eye make up, and then it was a long struggle with the damn lipstick. I keep changing so many different shades of colours and could not decide which one to apply. Then finally I put on the colour which seemed ok. Just as I was about to leave the room, I stole a glance in the mirror, and saw that my lipstick was actually applied crooked, the colour had smudged too. So I reapplied again, and again the mirror showed the lipstick going outside the lines of my lips! (looked like I was Ronald McDonald!!!). This went on and on until someone came knocking on my door to chase me to hurry up.

Then the groom appeared. Nice tone figure with thick black hair wearing grey pants and suit. The thing was, I could not see his face!!! He was asking me about the lipstick, and asking me to wear a shorts inside my gown instead of the 3/4 pants!!! LOL~!!

Then it was a mad rush trying to put all the stuff I needed to take with me, into a small pouch. I was searching high and low for all the items but could not find them! *panic*. Then caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror again, noticed my extremely short gown hanging above my feet, then realised, shit, this meant I need a nice pair of heels!! (Well, if the gown was long enough, I need not wear any nice looking heels as they would be covered anyway, right?!). So started another round of anxious search for shoes!!

Then my parents had to come and ask me if I had prepared all the ang pows to be given to my helpers!!! I was thinking, there was no helper!!! And nobody told me I was getting married today what!! The dream went on and on with me still stuck in the room, always looking for something.

At this rate, how do I get married??


  1. Haha it's a topsy turvy one, so amazing that you remembered all the details. It's a sign! Muahaha, when your time comes, you will know what you have to look out for :D


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