Sunday, 15 November 2009

We're the hero of our own story

Yesterday morning at dawn, I woke up and then fell asleep again. I had a dream and this time, I could recall it. I was entering into a large compound. It was something like a simple temple, no grand designs, just plain maroon and white walls. There were many classroom-like rooms. Some people were busy preparing for an event. They were all wearing white.

Then I saw a pretty Dharma friend, A. She was her usual bright chatty self. She kept talking to me non-stop telling me about many things and discussing with me about some stuff. She was strangely wearing a thin white fluffy blouse with white flowy quarter pants. She was wearing her usual white jade bangle on her hand. And her long frizzy hair was nicely tied into two plaits.

Then I was inside a room which looked more like a hair salon! There was a guy who was the hair dresser, and he was asking me if I needed a hair cut. "In a temple?", I thought. He wanted to cut my hair to shorter than shoulder length and to style it. I was hesitant. I looked at A's long frizzy hair..... she was smiling so happily and brightly at me. In real life, A has shoulder length brownish frizzy hair style and always bun up her hair.

Back to the dream. In the end, I did not cut my hair (I did not trust that guy). Then A and I were again exploring the huge compound. A disappeared somewhere and equally fast, she suddenly appeared in front of me coming out of a room. I was standing in the open outside the temple. The weather was so cool and nice and comfortable. A came out looking very excited and happy. She was carrying a very chubby and very very very adorable cute baby boy who looked like about 5 months old ! She passed the baby boy to me to carry. He was soooo good looking, with big bright eyes, and lots of black hair, and he was smiling gently at me. He even touched my cheeks with his chubby fingers. Wow! I was totally in love with the baby.

Hmmm, am I supposed to get a hair cut and have a baby?   :S

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