Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cruising Along ( Part II )

I wasted no time in checking out the Superstar Virgo, even though it was already past midnight.

They had a grand reception area, which was brightly decorated with Christmassy stuff.  There were big Roman statues and 3 huge horses and a Christmas tree which took center stage.

I liked the vibrant sofas and chairs which were colourful and inviting. The staff were all wearing Christmas santa and reindeer caps. They were attentive and spoke good English, even though almost all the service staff were foreigners. Tip for snapping photos in popular areas: do it after midnight because you do not need to wait for others to pose at the same spot.

I almost fell asleep lazing at the reception area with the inviting seats.  I guess the 3 bubble lifts moving up and down was a visual lullaby, plus the strains of music coming from the floor above could be heard. Think it was already 2am that night.  :D

Outside the reception, guarding the left and right entrances were 2 pairs of snow lions on the deck, most likely for fengshui purpose. I wonder what creature was the snow lion stepping on?  

Throughout the entire ship, the interior of the different areas and floors had bright themes with colourful carpets, compared to the exterior decks. I guess they had to design it to be bright and cheery, in case people feel oppressed being cooped inside the ship for too long a time and become suicidal.  Just joking, hahaha.... 

I liked the Victorian theme on the outside of the French restaurant, posh, and working antique phones were all over the place.  A small cafe/pub with jackpot has an African theme.  Even the lifts were elegant in wood finishings.  See, even the toilet was in bright green. BTW it was the smallest toilet cubicle I had ever been in. When I sat on the toilet seat, I was almost kissing the door.

I was equally excited checking out the outside decks. Well it was pitch dark when staring out at sea, so I walked around the external decks of the entire ship. That's me snapping myself through the round window pane.

As I strolled along the decks outside, I wondered why there were only a few random people on the deck too, when there were thousands of passengers onboard. I guess nobody was that interested in enjoying the winds and listening to the waves splashing as well as the motors of the ship chugging along. For a few moments, I thought how ironical, we came onboard a cruise, was to actually enjoy the sea and breeze but many people were having their activities indoors instead. If my family and friends were here, I guess they would do the same thing. I am probably the oddball. I know there is only one other friend who would be the same as me too.

The swimming pool area was quiet and windy, the waves and winds blowing were almost very "noisy". I liked the murals on the walls with different themes.

That's the mahjong room, but I did not see anyone playing the entire trip. The spa was one of the places I liked onboard although you had to pay. I did not try the massages as I fancy they were really too expensive and probably not worth it. Oh, I like that painting of the chinese maidens.

The floor above the reception were the shops, a pub and some restaurants, and a theatre where you could catch a movie. The photo of the jackpot area was so blur, because I snapped it sneakily from the deck (not allowed to take pictures inside). My fellow companions were mostly in the casino playing jackpot anyway.

There were really plenty of interesting paintings all over the place, corridors, landings, inside rooms, restaurants, karaoke room, etc....

This was one of my favourite places - the Library - because it was the most quiet room onboard!!!  You could read a book or newpapers or take a snooze or just stare out at sea in aircon comfort. It was here that I could finally  surf the internet although the service was not that fast speed. Just checked emails and Facebook. Haha, I really cannot do without the internet, confirmed.

I spotted this on one of the display shelf in one of the shops. A 50-year-old limited edition Chivas selling for S$33,888 !!!!!!!  Why would anyone want to spend that kind of money??!!!

If you are observant enough, you will notice plenty of STAR murals all over the entire ship, even on the floor. Why? Because it is SuperSTAR Cruise mah.....

See, even the beds have stars! Luckily I did not "see stars" the entire trip onboard. I finally retreated to my cabin to sleep at 3am!!.... 

Here's a clip of the lounge area.

To be continued.....

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