Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Within one's conscience

I have been having dreams these few days again. Can't remember most of them. The dream at dawn this morning I remember only part of it.

I was in an office which was neat and clean, painted with baby blue and white walls. The ceiling was lower than normal. There were a few rooms. I entered one room and went into my cubicle, presumably my table.  My plump ex-colleague was sitting next to me on his laptop. Then a girl with long hair came in, whom I have not seen before.  She whispered to my ex-colleague for a few moments. My colleague then spoke "By saying that, I think he meant he is giving you a promotion lah".  Then I realised that girl must have been my colleague's staff and he meant our big boss is giving her, a new staff, a promotion.

Then as I was doing some work, an ex-staff of mine came into the room. Behind her was her boyfriend. She was hesitant in approaching me but I was the person she was looking for. She came to my desk, and gave me an envelope which was very very very thick. Usually if you were given an envelope by your staff with a scared look, meant she was tendering her resignation. I was extremely displeased, and even more so because why did the boyfriend needed to accompany her even if she was throwing in the letter. She looked so guilty and fearful, wanted to speak to me but no single word came out. I accepted the letter and shooed them out. I opened the thick envelope, but could not find the resignation letter. Instead it was the resume of my staff's brother! I looked through the resume and wondered what was going on. I was not very happy though.

Then somehow I was in another room looking for something. I met the same Dharma friend I dreamt of 2 weeks ago.  She was wearing white again.  She was smiling brightly at me and told me something which I cannot recall what, but I was very happy to see her and trying to comfort her. However, she looked radiant, very calm and exuberant.  In real life, her father has just passed away. I am very comforted with the fact that her dying father had met His Holiness the Dalai Lama just before he passed on, and had received His Holiness' blessings. May all be auspicious for this friend and her family.

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