Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The reds

Been playing with the iPhone app, moreMono (Red Edition) is a FREE photo editing application designed for iPhone 3G/3GS. It converts your photo to monotone and preserves the red tone to give a strong and dramatic look!

This was at an old Assam Laksa stall in Tanjong Pagar. Sitting at the counter slurping down my shiok Assam Laksa, I snapped this, there were many Peranakan stuff adorning the wall of the stall. Very nostalgic and old school. The lady in red in the photo on the wall is, by the way, the famed Taiwan actress, Tian Niu, in her hey days.

A trip to Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Temple, during the Qing Ming Festival, where we pay respect to our dearly departed ones. I was there with my parents to pay respect to my late paternal grandmother, who passed away when I was in Secondary 4. Here the photo was the huge pond which houses many big tortoises, where some devotees release.

I like to watch fishes, especially beautiful aquarium and the sound of water, is very calming to me. The red tone highlighted the guppies.

This shop in The Cathay has an unique decor and theme which captured my attention.

My friend's little darling Amber.

Moi trying to capture the red tones of the spectacles and T-shirt.

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