Sunday, 4 April 2010

Curry favour!!!

Pun intended for the title. Was browsing the Japanese supermarket at The Central one day and I decided I just had to cook Japanese Curry Rice for dinner.

These were my loot, among a few other unusual Jap drinks - Vermont Curry cubes with a touch of Apple and Honey, Instant Aged Miso Soup that came with 3 flavours (Tofu, Wakame Seaweed, Fried Tofu Stripes). I bought an extra pack of seaweed as well.

These were the ingredients I used - Chicken, Potatoes, Carrots, Broccoli . You could use any ingredients you like, I suppose. I am usually greedy and generous with ingredients, so I use many ingredients.

I even added Crabsticks, just because my niece and nephew like them. I chopped lots of onions. Next I cook rice in the cooker.

I mixed the potatoes, carrots and broccoli together and steamed them for 5 minutes, so that they would be just about soft later. I marinated the chicken for about an hour with sesame oil, pepper, light soy sauce and seasoning. I stir fried the onions and chicken till it was 80% cooked. Then I poured in the veggies and added water and left it to simmer for a bit. Last I put in the curry cubes (one pack comes in 12 servings). I used the whole pack even though I was preparing for 7 persons! The water with the curry cubes became thicker and thicker. It was such a colourful sight the whole wok of curry.

Here is what my Jap Curry Rice looked like. It was mouth-watering. Jap curry rice is very easy to cook and very child-friendly because it is not spicy, even the Hot version. And whatever ingredients you used (chicken, carrots and potatoes are compulsory, I feel), the curry gravy "hid" the ingredients so well, that you could get kids to eat their lumps of veggies without them knowing/complaining. ;P 

I made Instant Miso Soup too. I threw in and mixed the 6 packs of the 3 different types of flavours - Tofu, Wakame Seaweed and Fried Tofu Stripes - into the boiling pot of water. The final touch before serving, I added more seaweed on top of the soup. Yummy!


  1. Its exactly because of your this dish that I ordered the Jap Curry with Spag at Kichn. :D

    now no voice le. :D
    See la you... Its all because of you... *pOuT
    Cook so well... make me so tempted...



  2. but ya, their miso soup? is it very salty?
    Cos the portion in Jap itself is too salty for SG's liking.
    Hows this brand?


  3. Hello Amanda!
    Thank Q! Jap curry rice is so easy to cook! Try it one day! ;D And the miso soup is not salty, the most u can add more water. I don't feel thirsty after that, I think it is perfectly fine.

  4. Are the MSG in miso soup? I don't want my hair to drop...

  5. Hi HB!
    Surprisingly, I don't feel thirsty. So I think it's still ok! ;)


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