Thursday, 20 May 2010

Love on wheels

Last week, while in a shopping mall, I chanced upon this vintage looking bicycle.

It is the one and only bike on sale outside a shop selling other cutesy stuff. I thought it looked cute with its basket and horn, except that I didn't like its pastel yellow frame. @vixlew called it a "Horny Bike"! :D

It reminded me of the time I started to learn how to cycle when I was a kid. I learnt how to ride a bike when I was in primary school, all by myself, holding on to the long fence (to balance myself) in Grandma's attap house. The first bike I rode on looked something like this and it wasn't even mine, it belonged to my uncle. I succeeded learning it in just a few days, and afterwards, I was cycling all over the whole neigbourhood (which has a private estate area and a kampong area) as well as by the roadside (luckily the adults never found out). :P

You probably don't know how much I love cycling. I have a thing for bicycles and cycling.  It is different from driving a car. I like to feel the breeze of the wind blowing at my face. And I like guys who cycle... well maybe only the handsome hunks, professional cyclists with their well-built muscular physique. :D

You get the drift.....

So I thought maybe it is time to get another bicycle. My old one was stolen a few years ago and I have been wanting to get a new one. I used to cycle everywhere, to Orchard to Botanic Gardens .... all over town and back home. I was very 'ON' then...  I even cycled to work!

I got so excited looking at some futuristic bikes in the internet. I think each is a piece of art....

I don't think I can balance well with this one, but it sure is a head-turner.

Another one.... I wonder where shall I place my hands?

I like this minimalist design, clean and sleek....

This is a little bulky looking but I like the vintage look, reminds me of the Sausalito Classic car.

I love the curves of this one.... sexy!

I don't care how impractical some of these futuristic bikes are, they sure are innovative in designs and attractive to the eyes of this bicycle lover.

Some of these are high end brands, BMW ...

Motivated me enough to start thinking ... shall I collect bicycles as a hobby? I'll need a warehouse...

The more I look at the different models and made, I prefer the classic simple designs.

These are beginning to look a little weird to me.....

But I guess not as weird and bizarre as those in China....

.... or this one.... Made In China?

This is one darn useful bicycle, doubled up as a stroller as well. Mothers who cycle should seriously consider this.

Ok, back to earth, I think these are the models I should be looking at... mountain bikes?  I can't help marvelling at each different parts and accessories....

Then I remember.... perhaps I should buy a foldable bicycle instead, so that I can carry it along with me in the MRT?  How practical is that and will I ever step out of the house lugging this mish mash piece of metal?

The options are plentiful, but seriously I do not like small wheels. Will I puncture them easily? Would I look weird cycling in these? Riding a bike should look smart and cool and stylish too, eh? 

Then I saw this one. If I should purchase a foldable bike, I will look for something like this, which can be dismantled and folded into a luggage-lookalike body. Haha! I think this is cool.
I see myself looking at and loving the simpler designs of the traditional bikes more and more.... something like this white frame, very classy lines.

Also I saw this vintage bike and loved it. Look at the head lamp and leather seat. I don't like a white frame but I had to admit this is beautiful.

Finally, after one big round, I concluded, actually I prefer the vintage classic bicycles with its elongated handle bar, the rims, the round headlamp etc...

Don't play play, this is Dutch bicycle manufacturer Batavus which collaborated with high-end luxury design house Hermes to create a classic work of art.  Saddle and handle grips as well as the frame’s two main down tubes are stitched with leather. This 3-speed bike maintains its old original black finish but with a touch of Hermes leather works. And to think I used to despise the sweaty old uncles who cycle their identical-looking rusty counterparts.
Another atas bike.... Fendi's Abici Amante Donna bicycle.  Fendi’s Selleria leather accessories include a key and bike chain cover, leather GPS navigation holder and detachable Fendi case, as well as the added removable fur saddlebags.

This designer bicycle takes the cake.  Gucci Bicycle is part of Gucci's "8-8-2008 Limited Edition" collection.  This hot little $3,420 number was designed by Gucci for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, along with a $1,050 leather panda, a $3,150 La Pelle Guccissima leather-encased Mahjong set, a $1,415 watch, and $660 pairs of his-and-her tennis shoes. Decked in the fashion house's signature GG leather, the bold, red Dutch-style bike was only available in Gucci stores in China and Hong Kong.

In conclusion, this hot red Gucci Cruiser Bicycle is my favourite. It comes in white and brown too. Is it worth investing in a bike like this which probably would get stolen if I park it somewhere outside? 

And one day should I decide to take the plunge again by getting a bike, I hope to  find a like-minded companion/s who would ride with me on my wheels. Wanna come for a ride with me?


  1. Vintage bikes are beautiful.....especially those that comes with brown leather seats.

  2. hi may i know where did u chance upon the bicycle in the first picture?

  3. Hi, appreciate if you could also tell me where did u see the bike in the 1st pic. Thanks.


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