Monday, 30 January 2012

This CNY at home

This post is full of photos. I didn't spend much time at home this CNY but still, I made sure I dressed the house up a little to welcome the lunar new year.  Home sweet home.

The sweet stuff on our dining table
The living area, everything in red, and guess where is the Dragon's pearl?
The main door is the most important part of the house to invite the Dragon in
Marital bliss & harmony, and lotus in my water fountain
Auspicious couplets and wealth corner to invite wealth in
Namgyalma mantra, the Laughing Buddha and wealth plants
Love the dragon boy
Sweets & snacks and guess what are these 3 animals for?
Inviting the God of Wealth and the Dragon into the house
CNY is all about money and gold?
The little corners were not spared the CNY decor
Favourite cashew nut cookies and the Happiness Kueh
4 Lucky Bamboo Shoots and the Huat Kueh
'Fu' with special mantras for blessings and protection in the house
Our reunion dinner and the dish which meant "enough money to count"
My favourite vegetarian dishes
Soup full of ingredients
The whole chicken and mom's 5-spice rolls
And of course the 'lo hei' is a must
Let's all huat together !!!
The whole universe of auspicious wishes tossed up in a plate.

GONG XI FA CAI !!!!!!!


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