Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Market @ Central

I like to go to The Central next to Clarke Quay quite often. Not really for shopping for clothes or shoes or anything, mostly it is for makan (dining). The basement consists of many small eateries while those on the upper floors and the other wing are the restaurants. I like to roam about at the basement because there is the Japanese supermarket, Yamakawa, as well as the Japanese bakery, Petit Provence. 

Recently, while meeting someone for lunch, I discovered a new eating place among the others at the basement. It is supposedly a new concept casual dining area together with a convenience store. It is simply named Market @Central.  They sell pasta and soup, and there is a number of variety you can choose from. At another corner, you can opt for sashimi or sushi for fast takeaways or dine-in. With a clean and bright decor, the place is ideal for working professionals and perhaps, housewives (expat tai-tais) during the weekdays. It is quite quiet on weekends. 

This is Clam Chowder soup. You can order the pasta ala carte or in a set meal.  I opted for the set.  The chunky bits clam, bacon bits and hint of potatoes made up a filling bowl of creamy hot soup. For soup, I also like to order mushroom soup. 

For the main course, I ordered Cream Spaghetti topped with Bacon and Mushroom. It was done just about right. Well I think you can't really go wrong with pasta, most of the time. 

Still within the set meal, I could choose a salad or potato salad. I felt like having potato that day, so I chose this. By then, halfway through the meal, I knew I had made a mistake. The combination of the cream pasta, clam chowder soup and potato salad all in, was quite quite jelak (Malay for 'feeling of fullness). I could not finish the chunky potato salad although it was well done.  Next time I am going to try a different combination or just eat pasta by itself. 

The price of the set meal was very reasonable, between $9+ to $13 (I cannot remember exactly how much). I think it was around $11 for mine, and with free flow drinks of your choice too. 

And I would not leave the place without getting my Cheeseballs (above) or the Choc Wassant from Petit Provence Bakery. :D

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