Saturday, 23 October 2010

Fried Koo Chai Kueh!

It's the weekend. What do you usually have for breakfast during weekends? For me, it is normally hawker fare, rather than sandwiches or cereals.

I love Koo Chai Kueh (made of garlic chives) and I love Fried Carrot Cake. So when I found that I could combine both, I was so excited. One Sunday morning, my mom bought me Fried Koo Chai Kueh from Bendemeer Market and I loved it. What an unusual find.

So another day I visited the same stall and ordered it piping hot. Basically the stall sells all sorts of kueh like Soon Kueh, Koo Chai Kueh, Png Kueh etc... and they sell Fried Carrot Cake too. Hence you are able to request frying the different types of kueh kueh.

The stall owner then cut the Koo Chai Kueh up into big pieces with the ladle and started frying the cut pieces ala Fried Carrot Cake style, and adding an egg as well.  I love it because the texture of the skin of the Koo Chai Kueh is more chewy (compared to normal fried carrot cake) and yet also a little crisp with the frying. 

Next time I will try Fried Png Kueh and Fried Soon Kueh.....I have forgotten what is the stall name, the unit is #01-35.

If you feel that Fried Koo Chai Kueh is a little too oily for you, you can try this Century Egg Porridge from another stall. A hearty nice breakfast, as always.


  1. Woh. What a rare find! Does the stall close early? Will definitely go look and blog about it! Thanks for recommending.

  2. Hi Daniel!
    I'm not sure what time it closes. I even forgot the stall name, I think it's Fu Siang or something. It's at the 2nd row from the main carpark. Enjoy!

  3. wa, the Fried Koo Chai Kueh looks good ...



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