Monday, 18 April 2011

An accidental shot - what is this?!

I am very mystified by this photo. Found it in my iphone Photos folder. I think I might have accidentally pressed the button and snapped this somewhere.

The thing is, I just could not make out what this photo is and where from. The photo seemed to be split into 2 different portions.  The bottom part looks like an arrow from the road, and the above portion I just could not determine what it is! And the scary part is, there seemed to be a shadow of a human on the right.  Can any kind soul tell me what this is and solve the mystery?? 

Here is another photo I found in my folder. Another accidental shot from me of myself walking. I thought it was quite artistically done! Haha!  


  1. that's the bottom of a mid-size covered lorry/van… the number plate is the rectangular piece just above the arrow.

    that part on the right, isn't the shadow of a human, but a car's side mirror.

  2. hahahaha. don't need to scare yourself! it's just the lower part of the lorry on the road and the rear car window on the right (agreed with blackawfee). You must have accidentally press the shutter when you were on the passenger seat. :)


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