Saturday, 9 April 2011

I dreamt of Geshe-la!

Last night I had a brief dream.  Everywhere seemed blur in the dream, I saw nothing except misty surroundings as I was walking slowly and wearily along.  Then all of a sudden, I saw 80-year-old Geshe Ngawang Longtho from Gaden Shartse Monastery, appeared.  He was 2-3 metres away from me, both palms pressed together, walking slowly.  I was quite happy to see him as I gasped in surprise. "Geshe-la!", I called out to him.  In actual fact, Geshe-la just left Singapore a month ago to return to the monastery. In the dream,  I went forward to greet him with both palms as well, bending my head lower.  Geshe-la saw me, smiled and cupped my cheeks. Then he put both hands on my head to bless me for a few seconds.  As he lifted his hands, he was just about to walk off, he suddenly stopped on his tracks, hesitated, and turned back towards me again. Then he blessed me again with both hands firmly on my head, as my head remained bent in respect.  For the next few minutes, he was chanting prayers as he was blessing me, tapping my head again and again many times.

Then somehow, all of a sudden, as Geshe-la was chanting, I saw a gulf of black smoke, more like a swarm of black bees or black flies, emerged from my chest and surged forth outwards and disappeared into thin air. In the dream, I was absolutely stunned, the first time in my life to witness such a force escaping from my body.  Then Geshe-la stopped. He told me I should chant a particular Buddha's mantra many times (which I shall not reveal here). I did not know why I understood what Geshe-la said as he was speaking in Tibetan. He paused, then he added, that I should also do 5 times of that particular Buddha's sadhana as well.  Then Geshe-la smiled and walked away. I was momentarily stunned as his words sank in and I suddenly woke up. Everything felt so ethereal and so calm as I laid on bed recalling what had happened. Wow, I think Geshe-la just did some healing on me. Hope to see him again real soon. Thank you, Geshe-la!  

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