Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Please come back soon, Lati Rinpoche!

Lati Rinpoche's final photo taken 2 weeks before his Nirvana
Today 12 April 2011, is the first year anniversary of His Holiness Kyabje Lati Rinpoche's passing into Nirvana. Below is a video clip from Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling, recorded Lati Rinpoche's last visit to Singapore in 2008 for the Grand Puja. During that Grand Puja, Lati Rinpoche gave us the initiation of the Coming Buddha, Maitreya Buddha, so that we could plant the seed of affinity with Maitreya Buddha, in order that we could meet the future Buddha and to receive his teachings. Another memorable grand puja for me would be a few years ago when Lati Rinpoche gave the powerful initiation of Shakyamuni Buddha.

After my personal prayers at midnight, as I watched this video clip, I am moved to tears again, in seeing Rinpoche and hearing his voice again. Rinpoche was 88 years old when he passed into Nirvana. His movements were slow as he moved up the stage, and did prostrations, and by the time he climbed onto his throne seat, he was already panting. We were so very lucky to have had Lati Rinpoche visited Singapore so many times in the past despite his old age, to receive his teachings, initiations and blessings. May Lati Rinpoche's reincarnation return swiftly to us soon. _/|\_

Join in this evening's Guru Puja & Tsog Offering at 7:30pm on 12th April (Tue) @Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling.

Soponla Ngawang Tsultrim, personal attendant of Lati Rinpoche for 50 years, said, "It has been one year since Lati Rinpoche has passed away, today is the first year anniversary. Rinpoche's stupa is ready and it's constructed in a really special way. For this, we have many people to thank and Dro-Phen Ling is the biggest benefactor. We thank everyone in DPL for making this happen and please for today, chant as many prayers as you can & do as much virtuous deeds as possible. May all virtues be dedicated towards the swift return of Lati Rinpoche."

Below are the prayer for the quick return of Kyabje Lati Rinpoche, composed by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:

O peerless savior and supreme Teacher, Shuddhodhana’s son,
O the seventeen masters and adepts, Nagarjuna and Asanga, and so on,
O Dipamkara as well as sovereign father Tsongkhapa,
Gloriously appear here today to grant auspiciousness.
On the great path leading to the heart of Enlightenment,
You’ve traversed by means of the perfect threefold discipline,
And have enhanced ever higher the realizations of enlightened qualities –
O glorious Guru, we offer our supplications at your feet.
Pray return gloriously to propagate the teaching of Lobsang,
By tying well the sash of monastic disciplinary precepts,
And, generating the altruistic intention to free all beings,
Engage in the tantric yogas of the two stages.
Think of the unbearable pain of the sentient beings
Who’re enveloped in the forces of five degenerations;
And to open wide the lotus grove of the Buddha’s teaching,
May your reincarnation appear soon as a source of merit for us.

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