Thursday, 2 June 2011


Whenever I hear this cantonese song by Jacky Cheung, it reminds me of my Beijing trip years back. I think it was because someone sang this song at the karaoke in the hotel. Ran through 北京天坛 (Temple of Heaven) in the rain. Climbed the Great Wall. Feasted through their 满汉全席 (Imperial Royal Banquet) fit for an emperor. Saw a baby with a naked butt in Tian'anmen Square. Grinning at Marco Polo Bridge. Loved the Summer Palace. Awed by the lovelorn tree in the Forbidden City. First encounter with Lama Tsongkhapa and didn't know who he was until a decade later. Late night supper: handmade cold noodles. Lost 5kg in 5 days.  只想一生跟你走.

1 comment:

  1. My favourite singer!
    Can't wait to go for his concert in Singapore..! =)


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