Thursday, 16 June 2011

Smile. You are on camera.

I find these signs quite cute and mildly amusing. I chanced upon them in a very packed computer accessories shop. On one hand, one sign says, "Smile. You are on camera". I thought it is a nice gentle hilarious reminder to those who have the intention to shoplift.

On the other hand, the next sign says, "Do not leave a crime record. Shoplifting videos will be uploaded to Youtube". The funny thing is, while it vaguely hints that shoplifters will be reported to the police, it goes a step further to say their shoplifting act is being captured on camera and will be uploaded to Youtube. Whilst the first sign is friendly, the second sign borders on threatening and shaming any potential shoplifters. Such an irony. The shop owner thinks that threatening to expose any shameful acts on Youtube will deter shoplifting. And obviously, we now know that "face" (ie. reputation) is sometimes more important than the act of committing the crime itself.

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