Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nothing mirrors that

I remember once I was very worried over a certain matter, that it affected my mood and emotions adversely. That sinking heavy feeling was so real and strong that I was sure it was not just palpitations. I remained with that sinking feeling the entire night until the next day, almost 24 hours. I even skipped dinner. I was so momentarily lost that I sat at the stone seat along a pavement next to the bus stop and main road. I was in my own despondent world that I did not even hear the noisy cars and buses passing by. I did not notice the people walking by. I was so deep in thought and overcame with fear that gripped me and overpowered me. I utterly hate that feeling, a first I ever experienced in all my whole  life.

In that state, I finally understood how people in that situation really felt or could have behave. I never want to be caught in that situation again.

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