Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who is this Bell Curve God?

Saw these unbelievable photos from STOMP.  Some students in a local university who are sitting for their final examinations have reportedly resorted to and set up shrines to pray to a so-called 'Bell Curve God' for help.  The Bell Curve grading is a method of assigning students' grades based on their relative performance in comparison to their classmates' performance.

Taken in a hostel in a local university, students are so stressed and desperate for good results that they have printed a photo of this so-called 'God' with '2 hands' next to it, and a table full of food offerings like instant cup noodles, sweets, Nutella, drinks, chocolates, bread etc. There are also 2 candles, 3 cups of water in front of the portrait.  There is even a buzzer bell amidst the 'offerings'?

Don't you think this message with a skeleton is most disturbing and shocking? I am most astonished to see these photos and hope that these are just part of a sick prank. We should bear in mind, that one should not venerate and make offerings to any unknown subject as this may unwittingly attract passing spirits to reside in the surroundings.  It can be dangerous and can cause upheaval to one's own life, not to mention the negative vibes. If one needs to pray or find solace, turn to one's own religion instead, whether you are a Christian, Buddhist or Catholic etc.... and get a proper object/statue/religious item with religious background. I feel parents or the school authorities should be alerted. They should act and counsel the students immediately, if this is found to be true.

May all beings be wise and free from unnecessary disturbances.

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