Thursday, 15 March 2012

Grilled Chicken using Happy Call Pan

I seldom cook western dishes at home since my parents prefer mostly traditional Chinese dishes. Once in a while I want a change, so I will fry patties for burgers and salad, or grill chicken or fish with soup, or sausage with mashed potatoes etc.. One thing about frying patties or fries, it gets all oily everywhere. Even grilling in the oven will make the kitchen a little smokey and smells, and needs a lot of cleaning up afterwards. It spoils the fun of cooking.

This was what I cooked for dinner - Grilled Chicken with Salad and Potatoes - all prepared under an hour. For once, none of the ingredients used were overcooked, too dry, burnt, or tasted weird. And my kitchen was not greasy and smelly.

All because I used this marvelous Korean invention of a magic pan called Happy Call Pan.  Thanks to sis who bought it, we finally joined this Happy Call Pan craze. A few months ago, although I have heard raving reviews about this product from food bloggers and the delicious looking dishes they prepared using Happy Call Pan, I was skeptical and never really bothered to find out more. I thought the original sweetness of the ingredients would be lost and the dish would taste 'different', compared to traditional wok frying and cooking.

Happy Call Pan's benefits are very attractive though....
- using patented heat retention technology, it cooks food faster
- coated with titanium and ceramic, it is non-stick and easy to wash
- there is no smoke or odour 
- heathier cooking as it uses no or minimum oil.
- food retains its original sweetness

First I grilled the baby potatoes and cherry tomatoes. I added half a teaspoon of olive oil to the pan and seasoned the potatoes and tomatoes with a little salt, seasoning powder and black pepper. I closed the lid and let them cook, flipping the pan on and off. The tomatoes were ready and taken out in 5 minutes. The potatoes took longer time to cook, about 20 -30 minutes (depending on size), with constant checking and poking. 

Next I put the chicken pieces in, together with slices of onions.  I sprinkled the pre-marinated chicken with Cajun powder and black pepper. The potatoes which were still not cooked continued grilling. No oil was added. After about 5 minutes the oil from the chicken appeared. I took out the potatoes and onion slices and let the chicken meat continue cooking for another 5-10 minutes.  

Here was dinner, looking pretty, appetising, juicy and delicious. I prepared the salad sprinkled with sesame seed roasted sauce as the dressing. The cooked onion slices were garnished on the grilled chicken. Since the chicken was not too dry, I need not prepare additional sauce to go with it. Everything was so yummy and delicious. So this was our very first happy experience with Happy Call Pan. More to come.... sweatless cooking minus the smell of grease on my hair. 

You can take a look at what dishes my fellow friendly blogger, Ellena of Cuisine Paradise, has cooked with her Happy Call Pan. She even made Bak Kwa (BBQ pork) and Muah Chee! You can also bake cakes with this wonderful pan too! 

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  1. Yeah!!! I love this type of quick dishes! Will try out your recipe soon :) Thanks for the mentioned too.


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