Friday, 2 March 2012

O glorious ye Glory kueh kueh

One Sunday, my family and I decided to have brunch at Glory Catering in Katong. We ordered mee siam, lontong, laksa, and gado gado, among other local delights.  But before we entered the shop, we were amazed at the trays and trays of Nonya kueh kueh outside the shop. These delicious-looking desserts/snacks made up such an inviting colourful sight. We were so excited seeing these kueh kueh that we wished we could buy up every different type available to try (from possibly at least 50 varieties to choose from!).  I hope all these traditional kueh kueh do not disappear by the next generation.

Here are some of the kueh kueh I love.....
Kueh Kueh Galore
 Kueh Lapis, or Rainbow Kueh
  Kueh Talam Dua Muka
Kueh Bingka Ubi
 Kueh Seri Muka Pulut Hitam
Kueh Pulut Inti
Kueh Jongkong
Putu Piring
Colourful Coconut Candy
 Talam Ubi
Kueh Wajik Gula Melaka
Kueh Lopes
Ondeh Ondeh, Koswi, Kueh Bakar
Ondeh Ondeh
Pumpkin Cake
Eggshell Agar Agar
Rarely do we see these eggshell agar agar selling outside anymore. When we saw these eggshell agar agar in Glory, my sister and I were so excited. My primary school classmate's mom used to make these for us during any parties when we were kids.  So nostalgic.  That day, we had to buy these eggshell agar agar to eat, to reminisce the old times, our childhood.

Are you having kueh kueh this weekend? 

139 East Coast Road, Singapore 428829.

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