Thursday, 26 April 2012

Instagram-ed Korea

By now, we all know that Facebook has bought over Instagram for $1 billion and all that jazz.  I have been playing with Instagram long before that but stopped until recently just before the news broke, I got back to using Instagram again. Then Instagram also became available with the Android version, so I have even more new followers. 

In addition to the daily random shots (which are usually of food, food and more food!), during intervals, I have started to share photos of my many overseas trips to different countries.  Instagram has given my old photos a new lease of life with different filters and hence different feel and look (although I still do not really fancy the square frame). It helps me re-live my memories of the places I have set foot in. 

If I am not lazy gamed enough, I will share in this blog those I have shared in Instagram. You can find me in Instagram under STUMPBO (I need to approve you though...).  

Here are some photos from my South Korea trip, instagram-ed.  Annyeong!!

Pillar-shaped volcanic rocks are the beauty in Jeju Island
Man fishing surrounded by blue waters off Jeju Island, on top of natural rock formation
Dol Harubang is an old man carved from dark lava rock everywhere in Jeju
Roadside snacks - sausages, rice cakes, fish cakes...
Sunburst colour leaves of Autumn
Sea urchin, a poisonous seafood captured by the Haenyo, famed female divers of Jeju Island
This is the famous black pig..... Kurobuta ??
Seungeup Folk Village, Jeju Island
Overlooking the dreamy sleepy fishing port from Mount Seongsan, Jeju Island
Adorable Korean kids out on excursion. Guess who is my favourite?
The Beartles made an appearance in Teddy Bear Museum, Jeju Island
Marilyn Monroe was there too
"Are you lonesome tonight?"
Stall selling just juicy oranges
Even the drinks stall was interesting
She is selling some dried snacks
The back view of a monk in a serene temple
Why is stacking stones so popular in Korea? Each stone represents a wish for good fortune
Outside the Blue House, residence of the South Korea President
An old man sits quietly by a main road
Korean dames in hanbok
Made friends with this pretty Korean mummy and her chubby little boy
The gang almost at the peak of Mount Sorak
A giant Buddha Shakyamuni at the foot of Mount Sorak
Korean Emperor and Empress of another era
Can't remember if this was Lotte World or Everland, where they filmed a K drama
This fruit seller happily obliges a photo
Cute little Korean kids dressed so that they would not be a traffic hazard
More Dol Harubangs...
The only Korean actor I have seen face to face - Lee Byung Hun

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  1. I have instagram account but forgot my login name... Lol. I was hoping to use it but didn't make time to learn how to use it then forgot! I enjoyed your trip pictures from Korea. My mom is visiting there right now. Wish I could be there with her to see beautiful places and culture.


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