Monday, 23 April 2012

Minced pork savoury porridge

I remember when I was a kid, my grandma used to cook minced pork porridge for me and my sister when we were visiting her or staying with her during the school holidays.  She did not use many ingredients, it was just minced pork rolled into tiny balls and cooked in porridge which was slightly darker than the usual savoury porridge (probably she used dark soya sauce). As I get older, I find myself occasionally thinking of that very delicious porridge my grandma used to cook and I also try to emulate/recreate that porridge and taste again. Sadly it is not the same.

Recently I have been suffering from a bout of diarrhea.  So one of the days, I decided to cook some minced pork porridge for myself, which was more healthy and easy on the stomach. Ingredients I found and used:  marinated minced pork, carrots cut into small cubes, dried cuttlefish cut into tiny strips, and wolfberries (I have a penchant for wolfberries).  Condiments include: vegetable soup stock, light and dark soya sauce, pepper.  

After boiling a pot of water, I added a couple of vegetable stock cubes (or you can use chicken stock) and rice.  When the porridge has been cooked halfway, I rolled the minced pork into small balls and added them into the pot, followed by carrots, wolfberries and the dried cuttlefish.  Monitor and stir the porridge occasionally.  This simple meal was ready in less than 30 minutes. Although it was nowhere close to my grandma's minced pork porridge, it was nonetheless tasty. And it made me remember the kindness of my grandma.

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