Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The sprawling rambling IKEA

IKEA is probably very close to our daily lives, not just with its reasonably-priced ready-to-assemble furniture, but also the food and shopping experience in its huge store in Tampines, Singapore. When I was there in the Swedish store a couple of months ago, I snapped most of the setups just to have some decorating ideas of the latest furniture designs available.

Ok, now the food. On and off, many of us have cravings for Ikea food. We had rushed down for its famed meatballs, done-to-perfection fried chicken wings, its Daim cake , cheese cake etc..  Here are a few blurred-out shots using an app from Iphone. As I do not take beef, so no meatball photo here...

Pasta with Salmon
Daim Cake
$1.00 Hot Dog !
S$ 1.00 Ice Cream Cone!

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