Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Making a simple dinner at home

I have been busy and have not been having dinner at home for the past 1-2 weeks.  I have been craving for home broiled soup. My principle for cooking is always using what I can find in the kitchen and fridge. So during the weekend, I made a fast and simple dinner.  The dishes were - 
1. Herbal chicken soup   
2. Stir fry beansprouts with bittergourd and salted veggies
3. Spicy tofu chicken

The herbal chicken soup was easy. Adding the chicken meat and a pack of prepacked Chinese herbs, and boiled for more than 2 hours.  For the stir-fry beansprouts, I added some strips of bittergourd, and salted veggies as well as a little pork belly slices. As for the spicy chicken tofu, I had a little of leftover cooked assam chicken, so I decided to create another dish with ingredients like onions, mushrooms, tofu, and egg.

My dishes ready for dinner!  The herbal chicken soup was the best and I finally satisfied my craving for soup. As for the stir-fry beansprouts, it was so so, as I usually do not like tau gay very much.  The spicy chicken tofu was so delicious, although it looked a little mashy and messy.  All the ingredients combined resulted in a wonderful wet dish of tofu, chicken, onions, mushrooms and the sweet taste of egg.

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