Sunday, 3 June 2012

Yogi House @ Fu Lu Shou Complex

Recently I went with a friend to Yogi House in Fu Lu Shou Complex to try out the organic eatery, which is MSG-free too. My friend recommended this place which was simply decorated with a few tables, and also stocked with organic food stuff all around on shelves for purchase as well.  It was a very nice and healthy experience, a change from our usual daily diet. When we were there, we saw a local celebrity and friends lunching there as well. 

This is their Salad which was so beautiful, colourful and gorgeous at first glance. There were many types of vegetables put together, a very interesting combination; like dou miao, capsicum, tomatoes, carrots, alfafa sprouts, radish, sunflower seeds, raisins, beetroot etc...  The salad was sprinkled with plum sauce.  It tasted so simple yet appetising, so crunchy, so healthy for the system. Both my friend and I love it.  

My friend ordered their Healthy Rice Set Meal - another dish delightfully decorated. It was brown rice, with nai pak, a radish/carrot salad, a mushroom and veg combination, as well as simply steamed ocra with special sauce.  Each different dish was cooked and prepared differently, with a right combination of different tastes. This was an eye opener indeed. 

I tried this Ocra aka. Lady Fingers and quite like it. It was simply steamed and dribbled with a special sauce, which tasted like prune sauce. It was very delicious and crunchy, and totally no stickiness associated with ocra. 

In comparison, my choice looked very normal at first glance. It was the Basil Vegetarian Bee Hoon. If you notice, the vermicelli has a tinge of green colour together with the different vegetables. The special ingredient was of course Basil. There was a slight taste of Basil in the dish, and quite earthy taste, very different from our usual Char Bee Hoon, and totally not oily at all. 

Here was my drink, Honey Lemon Vinegar, quite sour but very appetising, thirst quencher and just nice for a hot afternoon.
Here were the simple dishes we tried in Yogi House, the salad all tossed up and our meals came with soup too. It was such a healthy meal and the stomach felt so light yet filling. I have no qualms of going back again to try the other dishes. Do try their beautiful salad when you visit. 

Yogi House
149 Rochor Rd. #02-08 Fu Lu Shou Complex. 
Telephone: 6297 1220
Opening hours: 10am-7pm

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