Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vintage treasures found! 1960s OCBC bank book & more..

Was doing some major spring-cleaning recently. Came across some really old stuff which belonged to my late grandparents. I found a truly old OCBC bank book from the 1960s! It was my grandmother's. OCBC was one of the largest bank in Singapore since the 1930s. I was guessing why my grandmother had a OCBC bank account. One of the reasons is probably she was related to one of the founders of OCBC Bank.  
The bank book is longish and printed with English and Chinese on the front and back respectively. It came with a pastel blue plastic cover, embossed with both English and Chinese too.  The logo is the familiar Chinese Junk Ship. 
Inside, the T&Cs were in chinese. The date was stamped 30 Dec 1963.  Is OCBC Bank or the Museum interested to procure this?  Hehehe...
Grandmother also kept a short Colonel Sanders' pencil! It was probably a freebie from the then Kentucky Fried Chicken.  
This kind of old school beaded purse was so common in the 1960s-1970s.  
Wow, a vintage metal round container which was used by the goldsmith when you purchase jewellery.  Nostalgic and beautiful! 
A photo of a hardware shop in the 1960s, I think.  Or was it a post office? 

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