Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A supper haunt - 511 Bedok North

Bedok 511 is one of the places where my friends and I like to go for late dinner or supper. Even late in the evening and night, the hawker centre is still bustling with business and crowd. Here are some dishes we usually like to order and they are quite popular with customers there too. 

Kidney/Liver Mee Sua. It is a very thin type of salted noodles made from wheat flour. Personally I like this version of Mee Sua more than the Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua which is added with vinegar to enhance the dish.  Our local Kindey Mee Sua  It is not too starchy, the soup is slightly peppery with a hint of a little herbs too. Spinkle some red cut chilli into the soup, it is quite tasty. If you do not fancy liver or kidney, you can always ask for pork slices or other ingredients.

Bak Chor Mee (Minced Pork Noodles) from Tian Nan Xing stall can be comforting as you slurp the soup. This stall only serves BCM in soup version. Hence I would usually order the Kway Teow soup. It comes with 2 dumplings and 2 meatballs and a very flavourful broth.

I love Satay, sticks of pieces of pork, chicken, or mutton marinated with sweet sauce.  Barbecued skilfully over the fire with charcoal, these are tender, sweet and with an aromatic taste.  I especially love ketupat (sticky rice) and lots of onions, and dipping them into the sweet satay peanut sauce. Mmmm...
These Chicken Wings are from the same stall as the Satay.  They are very well don.  Sprinkled with lime juice, and dipping them into the spicy sour chilli is truly out of this world. 
The Rojak is equally good, not too saltish or overly mixed with too much prawn paste.  I like my Rojak with lots of mang kuang and you tiao, and preferably without pineapple. I do not like pineapple in any dishes except the fruit itself.
We complete our supper with sugarcane juice and salted prune juice, an appetising complement to a lovely meal.

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