Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Healing Lama Kangyur Rinpoche arrives in Singapore!

Early this morning at 7.30am, 92 year old Healing Lama Kangyur Rinpoche arrived on our shores. Rinpoche was in high spirits. He walked out of the arrival hall unguided, looking as strong as ever. 17 monks and many of us his students and devotees welcomed Rinpoche with khatas at the airport. Afterwards we immediately rushed back to the centre Gaden Shartse Dro-Phen Ling to welcome Rinpoche. 

Through his attendant who translated for Rinpoche, Rinpoche said he is very happy to be back in Singapore for the Grand Healing Puja. He said that we have to give thanks and pay homage to Shakyamuni Buddha that this event is happening. He added that it was our accumulated merits which has resulted in our being able to be present, to be able to help other sentient beings. Rinpoche said if he was able to, he would continue to help and heal people.

As Rinpoche was in a very happy mood, he shared with us about his younger days. Rinpoche revealed he had wanted to spend his life in retreat forever. However His Holiness the Dalai Lama had requested him to continue to help people due to his special skills and ability to heal the sick, the poor and those with mental disturbance. So Rinpoche heeded His Holiness' advice and served and helped as many people who seek his healing. Rinpoche had earlier expressed that this would be his final trip to Singapore due to his old age. 

Hope everyone who needs help cherish this opportunity to seek Rinpoche's blessings and healing at the upcoming Grand Healing Puja at Marina Bay Sands on 18-20 August. Admission is free. It's an auspicious period for Singaporeans indeed. 

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