Sunday, 12 August 2007

Yamantaka Ruel

Last night I attended Drophenling's Yamantaka Ruel Blessing-Recharge Puja. I brought my Yamantaka Ruel for recharge as well. The chinese lunar 7th month is coming on Monday, its the month of the Hungry Ghosts. Drophenling is organising a series of different pujas for supplication to the Buddhas and protectors as well as to pray for our loved ones who have passed away. The Pujas for the deceased purifies the negative actions of those who have passed away and transfers their consciousness to the Buddha’s pure land.

Unforeseen factors influence and affect many individuals’ life at every level in society. Some of these influences do not arise out of natural causes. Their remedies also appear to be beyond human control. A great number of people face these difficulties.

The Yamantaka Ruel and its puja is an effective, reliable antidote to many of these paranormal disturbances in life. The Yamantaka Ruel is considered to be perhaps the most powerful protection against black magic too. Prepared through authentic, prevailing traditions and consecrated by more than 1600 lamas at Gaden Sharste Monastery, the Yamantaka Ruel renders protection against ailments ranging from serious breakdowns to recurrent bouts of failure or quarrels resulting out of paranormal, negative actions of others.

Jamie in Drophenling related some incidents whereby the Yamantaka Ruel has protected many people. Many years ago when many lamas were being chased and gunned down by the Chinese soldiers while they fled Tibet to India, each and every lama is believed to wear a Yamantaka Ruel. Even when the bullets from the gun shots hit these lamas, they were not hurt, there were no wound or injury, only minor scratches.

Another incident was when Jamie and 3 others were driving in a car towards KL. It was stormy and raining heavily and the car skidded and turned many rounds and stopped and hit the expressway railings. Each of them has a Yamantaka Ruel with them and the car there was also a Yamantaka Ruel. They believed it has protected them and prevented them from serious injury or even averted death.

In yet another instance, Jamie's uncle who was working in a shipyard. One day while at work he accidentally fell into the sea, he was carrying with him a briefcase. When he went down into the bottom of the sea, he could suddenly felt an force pushing him up to the surface of the water, and he was saved eventually. They discovered the Yamantaka Ruel inside the briefcase and his wife had put it there earlier. He believed he escaped death because of the protection from the Yamantaka Ruel.


  1. Dear Stumpbo,

    Any way to invite the Yamantaka Ruel?

    Francis (

  2. Hi Francis,
    You can invite the Ruel from Gaden Shartse Dro Phen Ling. Their address is 12 Guillemard Lane, Singapore, Singapore 399878. Tel:


  3. Dear Stumpbo,

    Thank you!


  4. HI Francis,

    Coincidentally, DPL is having a Yamantaka Ruel-recharge puja on 4 June. You can invite your ruel and have it recharge with powerful prayers during this puja.

    Check the program here...||rYT9rhcoIeWeczhjQ==&Type=DGJAkQ2glv3cj1OwvBqgxcaZcOnm98AOSUyD36/9Gt8=

    Blessings to you.


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