Thursday, 4 October 2012

The sausage dog

Saw someone carrying this cute bag in the MRT train.  I have forgotten how I used to like sausage dogs, or Dachshunds, alot.  Years ago, while in my teens and early 20s, my buddy used to own a sausage dog called "Ah Girl".  She was stark black and quite an old dog when I first saw her.  I am not sure why, but I just like Ah Girl a lot.  

Everytime I hung out at buddy's house, I would take a particular interest in Ah Girl. I always wanted to play with her. However, the feelings were not mutual.  Ah Girl hardly noticed me or she totally ignored me, which was unbelievable because dogs are mostly an overly friendly bunch. Instead, buddy's Persian cat liked me more. She followed me around. But you know, I have a slight phobia for cats. Oh wells.  Ah Girl has since passed on many years back but today at this very moment, I remember her. 

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