Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A little of guru in my heart

I was gifted a very precious holy object yesterday. It is a big pendant made from Khensur Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup's holy relics and ashes, and many other holy relics and holy water. It even has tiny bits of his robe and blessed pills in it. It is encased as one of my favourite and important deity as well. It is powerful protection. 

As today is the twice-monthly guru tsog day, I remember and pay tribute to Lama Lhundrup who passed away into parinirvana about 3-4 years ago. Thinking of Khenrinpoche (as I used to call him), always make me both happy and sad; happy to be able to have connected with such an endearing guru, and sad that he is gone and I only had a brief period with him in this lifetime. 

Khenrinpoche was a humble and simple monk very well loved and respected by many many many. He was not any high-ranking reincarnated lama. However he has achieved the ultimate state within one lifetime, leaving behind numerous holy relics after his passing. He was an affable, jovial and true practitioner who lived a pure life serving his gurus earnestly and looking after the entire Kopan monastery of monks and nuns, his disciples and students. He spent his whole life teaching and serving others. He was also a powerful healer (from my own experience). 

His next coming will be awesome. For now, as I wear the holy pendant and relish in having a little of guru with me in my heart. 

I miss you, Khenrinpoche, and thank you for agreeing to be my personal guru in all my lifetimes until enlightenment. May your reincarnation return swiftly to guide us as soon as possible. 

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