Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Pig dreamin' and Buddha's relics

Last night I had an unusual dream again - as usual. I remember this dream vividly because I think I dreamt it when it was almost dawn, just before I woke up. I dreamt that I saw many pig objects, for example, pig's drawings, cartoon pig stickers, clay pigs, piggy bank pigs, toy pigs etc... And the thing is, whenever I touch each pig, it turned into GOLD! When my finger touch a pig's painting, the entire painting became shiny golden colour. As I went walking around a place, everywhere I seemed to find pigs-whatever.

Then I saw a container, with a pig's outline inside. When I touched the outline, it again turned gold. Then I saw a hole in the container. I noticed little round tiny white dots inside. When I used my finger to try to dig out the little round dots, I was very excited as these are exactly like Buddha's white relics and the more I dig these precious relics into my palm, more and more manifested from the hole. I was very sure they were Buddha's relics as I have seen them many times before and I also possess one myself. In the dream, I was like going WOW, WOW, WOW....... very excited.

I really don't know the meaning of this dream. Why relics appear? And why pigs turned into gold! Except this year is the year of the pig .... but why???  I sms my master to check. She replied: "This is a very auspicious dream. Hey, very very lucky!" Me: "Phew".

I also found an article about some significance behind pig dreaming. "Dreaming of a pig might not, at least on the surface of it, seem like a pleasurable way to pass the night. But a nocturnal vision of our heavyset cloven-footed friend is considered a good sign in Korea, where it means you'll probably come into some wealth. It's not uncommon for Koreans who have "pig dreams" to play the lottery the next day. A recent survey by Kookmin Bank on the dreams of Lotto winners revealed that 23 percent - the highest total - dreamed of pigs."


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