Sunday, 17 June 2007

Dad's gift

While packing my stuff, I found an old and tattered dictionary in my "childhood box" where I store all my childhood treasures and memories. This dictionary was given to me by my dad in one of my birthdays when I was young. And I kept it all these years because he wrote a short note on the front page of the dictionary.  

My Dear .......,
This book, though small, will be precious to you.
Use it to widen your knowledge and improve your vocabulary.
Treasure it well.

From Dad With Love,
6 July 83

Although this little dictionary was just an average gift. But maybe that was why my English has always been above average. I guess I will always keep and cherish this gift. There were not many material stuff my dad could afford to give us in those days. So I do find the few stuff he did give very precious indeed. Another was a red Charles Jourdan handbag he gave me when I started work. Although its spoilt now, I know I will never throw it away.

Happy Fathers' Day, Dad! May you always be happy!

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