Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The calm amidst the storm

I guess I've been pretty perplexed at a time when I am in the deepest of my worst luck, in the midst of adhoc depression, passing each day unable to think what is gonna happen tomorrow. All the thoughts of the problems which I think exist and worse, worry nuts that they will persist till forever.

Last night I remember I was tossing about in bed, can't get to sleep till about 3am. Even then, if I had slept after that, I could feel the heaviness in my head and chest. Sometimes it happens. And it happens most of the time recently. And having had a bad day at the office didn't help either. You know, it was like one of those days where you just wanna disappear from the existence of this world.

Then today at work while in my zombie state and the relaxing ride home after, I calmed down. I straightened some of my thoughts. There must be a way to resolve everythng. Just a matter of when and what. So I should not think too much. I should just let the greater beings above take care of me, as I know they are. Many masters have told me before, don't worry, you will be alright. Yeah, so I think i should be alright for now.

BTW this is my 500th post. Hurray!

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