Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Thunder Tea Rice

Yesterday at Amoy Street Food Centre, had Hakka Lei Cha 擂茶 at Thunder Tea Rice. I'm not that fond of Lei Cha because of the Lei Cha, the soup that is made from green tea and basil and mint, and it's green in colour. Yucks. However, I like the rice and the numerous ingredients that comes with the soup. The typical Hakka eats this by pouring the whole bowl of green stuff into the rice and mix it before eating. I normally leave the soup almost untouched, short of a few sprinkles onto the rice. I rather eat the rice and ingredients on its own. It's a very healthy and crunchy dish. And I ordered the side dish of the Fried Tou Fu. Nutrituous wholesome meal.

Ingredients include: Green Tea: Powerful anti-oxidant, helps to lower cholesterol. Basil & Mint: Anti-stress, for cooling & calming effect, aids relaxation, relieve colds. Fuliksum: Remove body toxins and fluid wastes, strengthen immune system. Chinese Parsley & Coriander: Ease digestion & gastric, combat flu & headache. Ginger & Ngal: Expel body winds & gas. Sesame: Maintain youth & enhance beauty. Groundnuts: High in protein, good for stein. Also anchovies, peanuts and dried shrimp and different veggies.

It's all herbs & veggies, high in fibre, rich in vitamins and herbs provide medicinal value. Lei Cha has excellent physical & pharmacological value. Frequent consumption of Lei Cha promotes good health. Physical value: Enhance slimming & body detoxification. Pharmacological value: Fatigue prevention, vitality promotion, physical improvement, improves body functions, ease digestion, ease chronic bronchitis, prevent hypertension & hardening of arteries, effective for chronic rheumatic and arthritic, inhibiting cancer cell growth, helps treat diabetes, enhance relaxation and improves good sleep.

Amoy Street Food Centre #01-11, Singapore 069111

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