Thursday, 21 May 2009

Fig & Olive

Met a long-time-no-see friend for late lunch at 3pm for an alliance meeting at Fig & Olive. It is a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine with dishes like sweet and savoury soups, cold & hot sandwiches, pastas, fresh salad and ala carte main meals. They supposedly consider their food healthy, nutritious and delicious.
I ordered the Grill Dory Mushroom. The grilled herb dory was fantastic with creamy mushroom, tomato sauce, fresh salad with pasta. My friend ordered the Maghribi Chicken with Olive Rice. The chicken was grilled with herbs with Mediterranean style sauce served with Olive rice and fresh salad. We then shared a big portion of hot brownies with ice cream. I had to have my Cappucino (with macadamia flavour).

At first, the restaurant was empty at that off-peak time. However right after we sat down to eat, people started to stroll in gradually. My friend said he usually brought in customers wherever he goes. And I exclaimed "me too!". You see, wherever shop/restaurant I walk into, usually people would start to stream in as well. So we both brought in quite a number of patrons today at that ungodly hour. Haha!

Any owner wanna pay and engage me to sit in your shop or restaurant as a "tua pek gong" or "zhao cai mao" to bring in the crowds?? :P

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