Sunday, 17 May 2009

Just a cuppa

Had a leisurely afternoon in KLP (Kallang Leisure Park) because the weather was so hot. Did my grocery shopping and had my cuppa Kopi-C at Wang Jiao. Ordered the Set 1, with the usual coffee, kaya toast and 2 half boiled eggs. This is a typical local favourite - Kaya Toast, made famous by the likes of Killiney Kopitiam and YaKun. Wang Jiao was the latest of the trio which sells basically all the same stuff as the former two. Locals take kaya toast sets for breakfast or lunch or tea time or any time throughout the day, that is why they have sprouted all over Singapore.

I cracked open my 2 half boiled eggs and added a dash of pepper and black soya sauce, mixed them up in the small plate and slurped it down in less than a minute. Er.. I am describing the way people usually have these eggs here. Hmm... the eggs were not hot enough today. Then I continued with my kaya toast and Kopi-C. The kaya toast tasted like those from Killiney and Yakun. Seriously, I could not tell the difference, but if any one of these has lesser butter or kaya or burnt toast, then I would know it's different. I think I ate here purely to satisfy my mid-day coffee crave.

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