Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Lazy cook's dishes

Haven't been cooking for a few weeks, because was plain lazy, and because the weather was too hot, so I couldn't bring myself to sweat over the stove. Tonight had the chance to cook again. It took me about an hour to cook these.

I have 2 big bunches of Extra Dwarf Pak Choy (or Nai Pak) and some bacon. So I stir fried the bacon and added them to the Nai Pak with chopped garlic. Bacon always make any dish sweeter in taste, and the Nai Pak was further enhanced by the Woh Hup Vegetarian Shiitake Mushroom Sauce I used as flavouring.
I cooked Prawns in Sweet Sour Sauce. I just love the look of fresh big prawns with shells intact. I added chopped garlic and onions before adding the sauce. It tasted ok I guess because my nephew snapped up most of the prawns, he finally learnt how to peel and de-shell a prawn properly. I personally prefer just steamed prawns with chinese wine.

This dish of Szechuan veggies and fried bean curd (tau kwa) and pork is a regular in our meals as it can go with rice or porridge. All the ingredients were sliced thinly into tiny pieces and stir fried with garlic and a little salt as the szechuan veggies are already salty.

Last but not least, Braised Duck Wings. Of course I didn't cook them, haha! Mom bought these as they were her favourite. Braised Duck Wings do not have much meat, as meat is not the unique feature of this Teochew dish. It was the way the wings were specially braised in soya sauce and what-nots, that makes the dish irresistible. The taste of the slightly salty wings and the skin were so tender that it melts in your mouth. Some people like to eat it as-is with beer.

Enjoyable dinner. I bathed 3 times today though.... -_-"


  1. i drooled just looking at the braised duck wings even though i hv never tried it b4! hehehe

  2. HI Miche
    You will love it, and can take after confinement. :P


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