Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Picture perfect

A year ago, before I shifted to my new house, I had planned what colours I wanted for the walls of each room. In the end I decided for each room, 3 sides of the walls would be pure white - not apple green white, not rose white and not bluish white etc.. but PURE white - and 1 side to be the one different dominant colour.

For my living room, I chose a very nice calming dark green for the wall where my TV was, so that my eyes would not tire while watching TV. I chose another brighter shade of green for the bedrooms. This is because my house faces East and the living room and my bedrooms are at the East and Southeast (both are of the "wood" element). Green belongs to the wood element. All my furniture are also wood, the Zen style, with lots of green plants. I chose the rest of the walls in the house pure white because my hous
e is facing East and sitting on West, my main door at the West. West is metal element and white belongs to the metal element. I wanted the colours to be harmonious and to complement the house. And green is my lucky colour and white my wealth colour!

During renovation and painting time, lo and behold, the painter got the colours of the walls wrong and painted the other wall green instead. I said no, wrong. They repainted and still it was wrong, ended up I have 2 small sides of the walls painted the dark green. They did corrections twice and still got the combination wrong. So, me being soft hearted, said ok, leave the 2 walls green (each at opposite ends) since they looked alright, and I pity the workers to have to repaint the walls again. I thought the different colours could demarcate an invisible line between the living area and dining area (both are together in one big area space).

During the CNY I pasted one CNY poster on my green wall. And one tin
y patch of the green paint would come off if I were to take out the poster afterwards. So unless I buy a painting to cover the patch, or leave the poster hanging there forever or I repaint the wall. I chose the last resort. First I could patch up the ugly hole. Second it would look brighter (eventhough it was not dark in the first place). Third, when we take group photos next time, there would not be a green and white background. Lastly, I could use the extra white paint to patch up any smudges on all my existing white walls. See, kill many birds with one stone. =>

So I bought white paint and brushes and personally painted the green wall to white, all in less than 2 hours. I am like that, when I made up my mind to do something, I would do it immediately and not wait (unless I was undecided, then I would procrastinate a longer time). Here is the final look. Although I like my green wall, I think it is brighter now and at least the entire stretch of wall is in the same colour now.
But anyway, I still have my green wall at my TV corner at the East area of the house, which was the original plan.
“If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.” - Norman Vincent Peale

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