Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Mt Sorak, South Korea

These are the fantastic colours of Autumn, all of which I heart the most in that trip - the beautiful changing autumn leaves in full splendor, awaiting the arrival of Winter.
It was a wonderful cool stroll along this park (forgot the name). It has streams, and plenty of trees lining the route. I even picked some of these colourful leaves home.

We got a pretty funny tour guide, that guy wearing the hat (but he was no heart throb material). I snapped some ajima or ajimunni (older aunties) chatting in the background. Saw some pretty interesting stuff on sale at the roadside. I have no idea what they were except the enormous pumpkins and soju and more oranges. Those dried stuff on the floor were probably some herbs.
We proceeded to Mt Sorak National Park before climbing Mt Sorak. Soraksan is the 3rd highest mountain in South Korea. The park is the most beautiful in Autumn. There is a giant Bronze Buddha.
This is Mt Gwonggeumseong in Soraksan which we climbed. It was no sweat as it was not too high to reach the peak. It was just a little steep. From there you could see the giant Buddha below surrounded by splendid colours. Although this was not the highest mountain I have climbed, but it was nonetheless captivating the view on top. I was completely enthralled by the beauty of nature and season.

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