Saturday, 20 June 2009

Fickle me

Yes I have been fickle. The opportunity came along, so I grabbed it. I mean, I got this 2nd-hand black beauty for a really low attractive price (about 65% off). Saw this Sony Ericsson C905 being sold online and got it. It is really new (2 weeks old), no scratch and cheap. Most important, it's got XENON Flash. I'm so in love with Xenon Flash at the moment (although I try not to use flash when I take photos). Like Nokia N82, it takes fantastic photos. Those earlier photos you have seen were taken by this C905. It may be a little bulky but the grip is just nice. If I get tired of this, and if I resell it again, I had still make about 30% profit.

Immediately after I confirmed this transaction, I also sold off my other existing 3 mobile phones as well, and I even helped sis and mom sold away theirs too. Usually if I see any good deal, I will buy and then re-sell again, often with some profit margin as well (I guess I'm lucky). Those that I like, I will play with it a while longer. Win-win situation.

My pre-requisites for mobiles are :

1. Must be 5 megapixel above (this C905 is 8.1 megapixel).

2. Must have Xenon Flash (this the only current model now that is keypad, the rest are touchscreen).

3. Must be Wi-Fi enabled (I need wireless connection to surf and check emails, and to download stuff from my home's MIO). But anyway I have data plan now.

4. Must NOT be touchscreen (I really dislike touchscreen as it is too slow for me, until I am proven wrong). I don't mind QWERTY keyboard though...


  1. Hi, I was eyeing the SE C905, but many of those who have used it says that it brings alot of problems. how's urs going? how long have u been using it?

  2. Hi Lin,
    I've only been using it a few weeks. But my main criteria is a good camera which can takegreat pixs and C905 is fantastic in doing that, and be able to surf net. As for the shortcomings I do not encounter any, maybe the keypad is too flat to type sms quickly and battery goes flat very fast but thats cos i surf net w the phone alot n take pixs alot. Another thing is they say it does not have secondary pix for video calls which does not bother me as i dun make video calls.


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