Saturday, 13 June 2009

Satu Dua Tiga!

After a swim, I needed something soupy and light as the weather was cool today. We were near Joo Chiat where the Mr Teh Tarik Eating House was, they specialise in Roti Prata and different types of drinks. There were other stalls as well; indian rojak, ayam penyet, chicken rice, fishball noodle, tze char, western food, and snacks like putu piring and goreng pisang. And they were all halal.
This is my simple dinner for a Saturday night - Mee Soto - a malay chicken noodle soup.

Satu: Mee Soto. Have not ate Mee Soto for a while, and I love this. The yellow noodles came with beansprouts, some generous chunks of fried chicken, fried mashed potato and an unique peppery soup which tasted of chicken stock.Dua: Prata. The family ate Roti Prata, a local favourite Indian snack but could be quite filling if you ate 2 pieces or more. Nephew ordered the hotdog prata. The hotdog came hidden underneath the folds of the prata bread, and it looked like char siew (chinese roasted pork), but it was actually chicken sausage. Nephew said it tasted good, so have to take a kid's word for it. :)
Tiga: Pisang! Thought we try some Malay snacks like goreng pisang, which is fried banana and other fried sweet stuff like fried jackfruit, fried sweet potato, fried tapioca and fried banana cake. Could not resist taking a pix of the bunches and bunches of very ripe-turning-moldy bananas at the stall. Over-ripe bananas were more suitable to make the delicious soft fried banana (goreng pisang).
These black colour balls were actually fried banana with flour (not sure what you call these) which supposed to taste like sweet banana cake. I only had room to try one type of snack, so I tried this. It was quite dry, unlike those fragrant banana kueh from Bengawan Solo. It was just a little hard, dry and already cold. I would recommend you to try them when they were freshly fried from the wok. Luckily I had my fantastic Teh Tarik to down my hard black ball. :D

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