Saturday, 13 June 2009

Wireless window of opportunity

This morning after an appointment, I went to MOSburger to have my coffee fix and just a croquette, as I did not want to be too full. So I was trying to send this pix to Twitter via TwitPic but I had problem sending out email of this picture. It was frustrating especially when sometimes outside I wanted to assess something more important from the web or to retrieve emails but could not, as sometimes Wireless@SG is totally hopeless. And I did not want to pay expensive data costs.

So when I passed by Singtel later, I signed up for the mobile value-add service 1000 Plan which was having a 40% discount off in subscription because of the PC Show. It came up to about $13 per month for 30GB of free monthly usage PLUS first 3 months free unlimited local usage, which seemed a very good offer. So now I can surf, check emails, do urgent stuff over the net, blog, twitter and MSN and lots of other stuff when I am outside, in the midst of waiting for someone, meetings, makan, travelling, or toilet breaks. Such liberation!
Anyway, this morning was beautiful....

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