Friday, 12 June 2009

A better place to sleep?

Saw this old lady sitting on the floor of the National Library, taking a nap. The immediate reaction from me was, she must be looking for a place to rest from the hot weather outside!

It did not seemed right that she did this in a public place, as she had her shoes removed, and her many plastic bags by her side, she was trying to make herself as comfortable as possible. The place even smelt of chinese medicine oil and the library felt stuffy because it was quite crowded. This is after all a library where you read and borrow books.... not sleep (or at least try to pretend to have fallen asleep reading a book). It seemed to me a "misuse" of the library facility. I would never have allowed myself to fall asleep in any public place.

However, I really felt uneasy seeing her. My heart went out to her. It made me wonder why she did not have another better place to be in. Was her house so hot because she could not even afford a fan? Or was she just taking a break from the hot weather outside because she was tired? Was she sick? It was not right to chase her out just because she was sleeping there. Yet she might be wrong to make herself so comfortable in such a manner. Was there a better way to manage this situation? I wonder what would the staff at National Library do in this scenario if it carries on everyday.

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