Saturday, 25 July 2009

Merchant Street Seafood Restaurant

One of the weekends, I went for dinner with my parents. I suggested the Fish Head Steamboat in Geylang Lorong 27 (next to Aljunied MRT station). The previous fish head steamboat we had at a nearby coffeeshop was not nice and horribly bland, hence I had been looking forward to a better steamboat. And both my parents like fish head steamboat alot.

Actually I like the fish head steamboat in Whampoa Market the best but it was always a long queue, especially weekends. This one at Geylang Lorong 27 we have been patronising for a number of times. The shop is called Merchant Street Seafood Fish Head Restaurant and they specialise in fish head steamboat. I remember long time ago, they were very crowded that we had to wait a long time. I am not sure about nowadays because every time we eat there, it was at earlier timings and not peak hours.

Finally I satisfied my fish head steamboat fix, because the soup was very very nice, very flavourful and rich. And they used charcoal to cook the ingredients in the steamboat. In the bowl of soup, we had plenty of fish, seaweed, veggies, yam, salted fish. It tasted appetising because they added salted prunes (we usually used these when we steam fish and cannot be eaten).

We ordered Prawn Paste Chicken (ha jeong gai). They came in chicken wings and very well done. It was juicy and the permeated taste of the prawn paste in the chicken was shiok. Some other shops served this dish as chopped chicken and not chicken wings. We had wanted to order Sambal Kangkong but they got our order wrong and served us Sambal Cuttlefish Kangkong instead. It was not bad actually, the chewy cuttlefish blended in very well with the sambal chilli and crunchy kangkong. It was a very nice dinner.

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