Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Not so hidden passion

Sometimes if I am eating alone at home, to save time, I have my meals at the small wall-side table in my kitchen next to the window, instead of in the dining hall. From my kitchen window, there is a condominium next to my house. I can see the lifts along the corridors.
It was during those eat-alone sessions, quite a few times, I happened to see a couple at the corridor. The guy looked like a tall man with dark features, while the girl was fair with long hair. I could not see them clearly of course. The couple would chit chat there for a long time, hug, touch and cuddle with each other, and of course, often accompanied by a few long and short kisses. However they did not do anything further than that. :P

I am not saying they are doing anything wrong but I am quite surprised and wonder why they would do it in full view of everyone who is staying opposite.  And a bigger question mark is.... I am befuddled why they did not do whatever they were doing inside the comfort of their own apartment, and why outside along the corridor next to the lifts. More kick??   


  1. A. Cos they know u r looking---> more kick

    B. They don't stay there, they happen to find that place undisturbed and they thought no one is watching

    C. Someone else is at home

    D. They are neighbours...


  2. Haha, good one! I guess most likely it's D.


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