Friday, 7 August 2009

TGIF 123456789

How was your today? Today was special.  Just a few minutes before it happened, I remembered how special it was going to be. I quickly took out a paper to scribble and to explain to the "enthralled audience" in my presence, the special moment that was about to happen.

I explained:

Today, Friday the 7th of August 2009, you lived through this unique moment of the Gregorian calendar. Today  at 12:34:56pm the figures would come up as 123456.

The figures 789 are for the date 7th, the month of August 8 and the year 2009. Run in sequence it becomes 123456789.

You can live through it again if you live for a 100 years from now when it will be 2109, with the same time and date.
We were devouring our fried chicken, chicken burgers, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and their favourite cheesy fries when that special moment happened. We did a not-so-silent countdown in the noisy-anyway KFC outlet ...... 10...... 9 ....... 8 ......7 ....... 6 ....... 5...... 4........ 3.........  2...........  1............ YAM SENG !!!!!!!!!! CHEERS!!!!! and knocked our plastic cups of coke and iced milo together, to commemorate this special moment.  And I told them, hopefully we can do this together again in 2109 (maybe our next lives)!!!!

To dwell in this special moment, I told the excited audience as I tried to be learned and awe-inspiring, I said maybe in my next life I would be their great grandchildren, or someone close to them.  The audience grinned and laughed.  I told them I could also have been their children in our previous lives or maybe their father or mother or grandfather or grandmother or friend or teacher or neighbour or aunty or uncle etc..... all the endless possibilities. Then the enthralled audience asked me 1001 questions. I told them, well you see, since we are in this close relation in this life, everyone we know or get to know in this life, they are inter-connected to us in a special way or another, so we must value this relation (inter-connectedness), and we must love each other (whoever that is interconnected to us) well.  This is because we may meet each other again in our next countless future lives. 

The excited audience nodded in agreement and they were pleased, in the midst of chomping their finger-lickin-good chicken. I hope niece and nephew grasped what I was saying/ teaching them in simplified terms. And I was thinking, in a couple of years, we would have 11:11:11 11/11/11. We shall celebrate this again, as the number "11" is of special significance to them.  Maybe another fried chicken outing?  :P 

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