Thursday, 6 August 2009

Go there

I discovered this very useful website,

It incorporates everything from being a street directory to planning your route, to telling you how long it will take you to reach your destination and how much it will cost by using different modes of transport:  By Train, or By Train & Bus, By Taxi, or By Car. This is similar to the route planner by SBS, but I think this is way more user friendly. recommends you the easiest and shortest way to your destination. You just have to tell them you are Going From __________ and Going To ___________, and they will tell you the directions in the next second, with the map and directions.  You can also click the different modes of transport to compare the time taken and  the cost.  The route planner by SBS was a tad too many steps that it gets frustrating sometimes when it asks you to choose exactly which location you are in and which location you are going to from a list of scroll down locations they identified. Worse, sometimes they get the locations all wrong.  
On the other hand,'s Search is more intelligent and flexible.  For example, at the Going From field you just need to type "City Hall MRT" and at the Going To field, you type "Zoo" and straightaway they will tell you how to get there.  If you choose By Cab, they even tell you how much your cab fare will likely be. It will even calculate which day and what time you take a cab and how much it will cost, taking into consideration ERP charges and with/without taking expressways.  Quite quite smart.

Then if you are in a certain location, you can also find where are the nearby ATMs, supermarkets, banks, petrol kiosks, post offices, clinics and schools. Also, if you are searching for, say "beancurd" around "Geylang", they will list down all the shops selling beancurd in the vicinity. Wow.

And what is even more wonderful is, I can access through my mobile wherever I am or whenever I am lost, and I will know the fastest, shortest way to get from one place to another. The mobile web version of is even more simple. Just key in where you are and where you want to go, you will get the directions instantly. It is just minus the map. If I want to see the map, I can always click on the Full version of the website on my mobile.

So go there and explore this tool.  

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