Tuesday, 4 August 2009

One foot long

Haven't eaten Subway for some time. Today the urge came. Had wanted to try Quiznos which everyone is raving about, but at where I was, there was only Subway.
Ordered this one-foot long sandwich with ham and lettuce and tomatoes with lots of sauces. Reminds me of that  Burger King's seven-incher ad again (haha!). Got blow your mind away or not?  Looked like a daunting task, huh? Of course I had to share this with someone.
It was so juicy the sandwich that I sweared I would want to try making this myself soon, very soon.  I actually felt very healthy eating the sandwich. The highlight of a Subway meal was always the big chewy cookies for dessert!
Then one of the days, I had KFC for lunch. Hmm... it's a fried chicken week, I don't know why.  I usually do not want drumstick, and they gave me the chicken wing instead and usually I would peel some of the crispy skin off (not so guilty). A KFC 2-piece meal cost $6.50 and 3-piece meal cost $8.70. I think it is not really worth it because with that amount, I could get a decent set meal elsewhere in some decent little joint or foodcourt.  So, unless you have the craving for KFC....
You know why I love my 2 handphones alot? With them, I can leave home without my camera. Because they both take wonderful photos (8mega and 5mega respectively) and both have Xenon Flash (not that I need to use the flash often) and I can surf the net with both of them. They are Sony Ericsson C905 and Nokia N82.  Iphone 3GS or Blackberry or any latest smartphone can wait a while (unless they incorporate Xenon flash into the models soon....). :D


  1. How about paying Sing$20 for a burger meal in Norway and that is the medium size!!

  2. one way to save $$ is to buy a footlong combo meal, and share btw 2 persons, rather than buy 2 separate 7" combo meals-you end up paying more. So i guess you made the right choice. :)

  3. Sinnasue,
    Yes I remember paying about Sing $15 just for a McDonalds Chicken set meal in Switzerland!!! Here for that price I get a one-footer! :P

    I don't know how much is the 7" BK meal, but I suppose it's ok trying for the Subway's one footer once in a while. haha!


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