Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Blimey, exactly whose sperm was it?

Sigh, what is the world coming to? Just read from this article, that Macaulay Culkin (of Home Alone fame) is reportedly the biological father of Michael Jackson's youngest son, Blanket. It goes to show that when you are mega rich and famous in Hollywood, anything is possible... sperm donation, surrogate mothers, skin bleaching, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), sleeping in oxygen tent .... etc.. etc... what else? what else?

L - Blanket, R - Macaulay Culkin.  Can you tell me if these 2 favourite guys of Michael Jackson really look like they are father and son? Where got identical??? (besides the fringe covering one eye).
If you ask me, I feel that these two boys look more alike than the previous one. L - Macaulay Culkin, R - Prince Michael (Jackson's elder son). Not convinced? Look below.
L - Macaulay Culkin, R - Prince Michael Jackson. So don't you think they look just a little more like father and son rather than little Blanket? Ok they both don't really look that much alike. But now who exactly is the father and who exactly is the son?
And will there be more shocking breaking news soon? .... For example.... like who is Paris Jackson's real biological father and other speculations?  
Could it have been James Dean????!!  No, wait, James Dean is already dead, ain't he? But there is possibility of frozen sperm, right? right? right?  Well, in Hollywood, EVERYTHING, ANYTHING is possible.  Like my Grandma would have said disapprovingly of all these incredulous trends, in Teochew, "see suah lai" (meaning "any-o-how" in Singlish expression or 随便来 in chinese, or "inappropriate" in English). Anyway, if all these revelations predictions speculations turn out to be true, remember you read it here first. 

1. Sorry Michael, I didn't mean to be rude, but all these sperm, homicide and custody stuff are making me confused. May you rest in peace. 

2.  I think the 3 Jackson kids are really cute and good looking, especially Prince Michael. He will grow up to be a dude, but please, I hope he stays away from all those "self-improvement" ideas on his body and looks.

3. If I were MJ, I would have asked Brad Pitt or Takeshi Kaneshiro to donate their sperm instead. Golly, why Macaulay Culkin???? (I may love my best friends, but I certainly won't want my own kids to look like them! My kids should look like me, right? right? right?).

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