Thursday, 2 December 2010

Trinity ring

This is a re-post because I just captured the latest photo of this special ring which I have for a while.

This is my Trinity ring which comprises of 3 rings intertwined together, each in gold, silver and bronze. These are not real gold, however it is good enough. It is symbolic of luck from heaven, earth and mankind. I love it because each of the rings is engraved with powerful mantras. The Gold ring features the Manjushri Buddha 文珠菩萨 mantra - "Om Ah Ra Pa Cha Na Dhi". The Silver ring features the Chenrezig (Kuan Yin) 观音菩萨 mantra - "Om Mani Padme Hum" and the Bronze ring features the Amitabha 阿弥佗佛 mantra - "Om Ami Dewa Hrih".

I always wear this ring when I go out. I can also wear it as a pendant.  The rings are further empowered if I chant all the 3 mantras by blessing and blowing onto them. Om ah hum, with the blessings of the Triple Gems.

The cheaper version can be found in Ren Ting, in Fu Lu Shou. The more expensive version which is made of real gold can be found here.


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  3. is this the cartier trinity ring?

  4. Hey miss carrot! It looks like the Cartier one but no,this is Cartier's cousin. :P


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